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The Ultimate Guide to Deciphering Your Boarding Pass

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by Henry Miller Feb 11, 2018

You wake up at 4am on the morning of your flight and your plane takes off at 5. You jump into your clothes, chuck your luggage into the passenger seat of the cab, struggle to finish buttoning your shirt with your passport in your mouth, hop out, get your boarding pass and… are forced to pause as you decipher the only piece of paper that will get you on your plane.

Like passports, boarding passes have been symbols of industrialized world travel for decades. While much of what is printed on them has stayed the same since the days of the DC-3, modern boarding passes come with a slew of other information that can tell you more about your ticket and your flight. Globehunters has put together the infographic that reveals these secrets. It might not change the overall experience for a well-traveled flyer, but it could serve as a pretty cool party trick (fuselage trick?).

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