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United Airlines Is Now Serving Breakfast Tacos on Their Flights

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by Tim Wenger May 1, 2018

Dining in the high skies is about to reach new heights, thanks to a development from United Airlines that is the best news we’ve heard all week. Finally, after more than a year of hype, United announced on Twitter that they will serve breakfast tacos on certain flights. The announcement finally gives US fliers something to brag about when it comes to sky-high dining, competing with airlines such as Lufthansa and Emirates which are known for making curated in-flight menus a regular part of the flying experience.

The new menu item is available on long-haul flights beginning May 1. These breakfast tacos aren’t skimping on fillings, either. Tortillas made from flour and corn will be stuffed with egg, chicken chorizo, two cheeses, chipotle sauce, and salsa.

Turns out food trucks are to thank for this awesome development. United credited the growing popularity of street food across the United States as an important influencer in bringing breakfast tacos to the skies. Their goal was to craft an authentic dish that offers flyers something more exciting than the standard airline fare many frequent flyers have grown accustomed to (and often avoid). The airline enlisted more than 800 flight attendants and customers for taste tests and development trials just to make sure the recipe was perfect before they began serving it onboard their flights.

United then called upon two of the top craft brewers in the United States to round out the meal. New Belgium Brewing’s Citradelic Tangerine IPA and Lagunitas’ Sumpin’ Easy Ale are now available to complement the tacos.

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