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Watch: The Indian Cop Guiding Traffic With the Moonwalk

India Humor
by Henry Miller Dec 30, 2017

When given a stage like this, how can you not perform? 38-year-old Ranjeet Singh is a traffic cop who works the beat at one of Indore’s busiest intersections, where he brings a certain kind of panache to the job. Inspired by the moves of pop legend Michael Jackson and Bollywood films, Singh guides traffic with flashy hand waves and the moonwalk. While some of his fellow officers say he is not taking the job seriously, he claims that it is a more effective way to get the attention of younger drivers. “Instead of walking back I do the moonwalk which sometimes amuses commuters. That, in a way, encourages people to follow traffic rules,” Singh told the Hindustan Times.

Singh has become his own kind of icon to the residents of Indore and has even inspired younger officers to take up his unique style. “I used to observe Ranjeet bhai during my college days and wanted to be like him,” said 22-year-old officer Sumant Singh Kachhawa. “I instantly approached him for some tips as soon as I got my job. It’s real fun to control traffic in that manner and at no point of time I feel bored.”

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