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Win $15,000 Toward Your Dream Vacation Thanks to Affirm and Henry Golding

by Olivia Harden Jun 1, 2021

After a challenging year to travel in 2020 (to say the least), 2021 is looking a lot different. Just one of more visible ways it’s different: the many companies doing vacation giveaways, from App in the Air gifting $5,000 in free flights to United Airlines giving free flights for a year to one lucky person.

Another one of the businesses doing a travel giveaway is Affirm, a company that offers loans for smaller purchases that you can pay back over time without opening a credit card. It promises a “flexible, transparent, and convenient way” to pay back those loans without any added fees. And after a year of pent-up FOMO and longing for a getaway, the company believes you deserve that dream vacation and wants to give you between $5,000 and $15,000 to take it.

During the month of June, Affirm is offering a month worth of travel giveaways. Each week, the company has partnered with a celebrity who shares an affinity toward travel to give seven people $5,000 to take their dream getaway. And at the end of the month, one lucky person will win big when Affirm gifts them $15,000 for the vacation of their dreams. To enter, participants need to submit a photo that relates to each celebrity’s theme. Indya Moore from Pose, for example, is looking forward to city destination photos. Other stars featured include Nina Dobrev and Ashley Graham. And after watching Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians jet off to Singapore, it’s no wonder that his love for travel goes beyond the big screen — he’s partnered with Affirm to celebrate outdoor getaways.

“My experiences traveling around the world have had a huge impact in shaping my perspective, and I believe these experiences are more important than ever,” Golding said in a press release. “To that end, I’m partnering with Affirm as we both value inspiring travel. Affirm is committed to presenting possibilities for everyone to travel post-pandemic, and I’m excited to align with Affirm on this initiative!”

For more information and to throw your name into the hat, head to the Affirm website or follow along on Instagram.

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