One of my favorite parts of travel is getting to try many different local specialties. Food is also a great way of connecting with a place and its people — somehow, cultural differences seem to vanish when sharing a tasty meal. Nothing should stop us from trying all the different foods we find on our travels, right? Well, not so fast.

While most things we’ll eat abroad will be safe for us, we all know about the basic precautions we should take when eating foods our stomach is not used to. Also, some of these delicacies can be really dangerous (as in lethal) if they are not cooked or prepared by someone who really knows what they’re doing. You wouldn’t eat just any mushroom you find in a forest, would you? This is what happens with these foods too — they can be delicious, but the margin of error from the best meal of your life to poison is extremely thin. Should you try them? Yes — just as long as you make sure the chef is an expert and won’t accidentally kill you. This infographic by Mr Gamez includes some of the world’s most dangerous foods.