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'World's First' Glacier Bar Opens in Iceland

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by Elisabeth Sherman Sep 20, 2019

In almost every case, getting a drink should be simple and stress-free. If you have a hankering for an end of the day, I’m-ready-to-unwind adult beverage, the most work you should have to do is walk down the street a few blocks to your local bar. And yet, Reyka has us rethinking that philosophy — the Icelandic spirits company just opened a bar on top of a glacier.

Reyka set up shop on top of Langjökull glacier, Iceland’s second-largest glacier that’s also Reyka’s water source. The company wants vodka drinkers with a knack for adventure (and hiking) to visit the bar for a cocktail.

A few lucky folks can win a trip to the glacier bar, but Reyka is also opening its doors to anyone who arrives there by their own devices. The company has even provided coordinates for any outdoor enthusiasts who need to check “glacier hike” off their bucket list: 64.565653°N-20.024822°W. Once you get to the top, just look for the giant orange flag waving in the breeze and you’ll know you’ve found the right spot.

If you want a chance to cheers to this once-in-a-life-experience, you’d better hurry. The pop-up is open for a short time, from October 16 to 20. Still, we suspect that the bar won’t be overrun with tourists. Only the most hardcore adventurers will be willing to plan such an intense excursion all in the name of getting a drink.

We cannot think of a better way to cap off a vacation in Iceland than climbing a glacier and then rewarding yourself with Reyka’s signature cocktail, the Puffin Collins, surrounded by the country’s natural splendor. You could hardly ask for a more “authentic” Icelandic experience. The only way it could get better is if a group of actual puffins stopped by for a visit, too.

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