5 Reasons to Try Snowshoeing

Ski and Snow
by Morgan deBoer Jan 5, 2011

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Why would anyone snowshoe when they can ski, snowboard, or stay inside and drink cocoa? Here are five reasons to get moving over the snow.
1. It’s a great workout!

Snowshoeing can be a mean workout depending on the trail and terrain. In the same way that some hiking trails should be called “walks” snowshoeing can be more of a leisurely activity than an intense cardio workout, but throw in some up hills, switchbacks, and increase the distance, and you won’t need to spend any time on the treadmill that day. There are even snowshoe races to work up to like the Silverthorne Snowshoe Skedaddle 10k.

Image By: Brian Schalcosky

2. Snowshoeing can be a group or kid-friendly activity

Kids old enough to enjoy a hike are old enough to enjoy snowshoes. It requires a little less balance and skill than skiing so younger kids have a safe activity to do while older kids are skiing and snowboarding, or as a more organized activity than a snowball fight.

3. You can snowshoe anywhere with a little snow

Snowshoeing may be more fun with hills and turns, but they aren’t necessary. According to Redfeather, any open space with at least 4 inches of snow can be snowshoed. That makes your front yard, unplowed street, or local park fair game.

4. Less expensive than other winter sports

To snowshoe you just need warm clothes, and snowshoes, no lift ticket or ski lodge required. Recreational snowshoe prices vary, but beginners can find snowshoes from around $50-200.

5. Snowshoes are transportation

Snowshoeing doesn’t have to be an alternative to skiing and snowboarding, it can be a way to get you to remote runs, unaccessible by road or lift. Some snowshoes weigh in at under five pounds and can be packed easily when you take off down the mountain. Since snowshoeing works by spreading out your weight over the entire showshoe, you will be able to stay higher and dryer, and get where you are going quicker.

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