5 Spectacular Helmet Cam Videos

by David Miller Jun 22, 2009

The growing use of helmet cams has given us views that only a few people have seen up till now. Ever wondered what it looked like inside a huge wave or around a racetrack at high speed?
Brian Conley, Barrelfest

Some of the sickest footage on the internet: dudes getting pitted with the sun shining into the barrel.

Loic Jean Albert Looking at his Own Shadow on the Mountain while Flying

Check the opening 10 seconds of this video where wingsuit pioneer Loic Jean Albert looks down at his own shadow for a few seconds before looking back up.

High Speed Motorcycle Racing

These turns are just amazing.

Freeriding Powder Day in Valdez Alaska

You can find footage of crazier jumps and terrain and riders out there, but this helmet cam footage just gives a great perspective on what a classic freeride powder run feels like.

Community Connection

Matador’s own Shon Bollock gives us his review of three of the top Helmet Cam models available right now.

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