Horrifying Chart Shows How Many Have Already Died for Qatar World Cup

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by Matt Hershberger May 29, 2015

FIFA FINALLY GOT HIT IN A SERIOUS WAY this week for their past misconduct when they were hit with a federal indictment in the United States for fraud, bribery, and racketeering. No one who is familiar with FIFA is surprised: allegations of corruption against FIFA are not remotely new.

Allegations of corruption have especially centered around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a country that is notorious for being both way too hot in the summertime to play soccer in, and for having an absolutely appalling human rights record. There have been reports of slavery-like conditions among the migrant workers, and an absolutely huge number of deaths among them.

The number of deaths isn’t certain — estimates range between 964 and 1,200 (the latter shown in this chart) but it’s hard to know how many are directly related to World Cup construction. But the International Trade Union Confederation estimates that there could be up to 4,000 migrant worker deaths by the time the Qatar World Cup takes place in 2022.

With any luck, this string of arrests against FIFA means that action will be taken against the Qatar World Cup. Corruption is not a victimless crime, even when it’s within a seemingly benign sporting organization.

Via Mic and Washington Post.

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