Learn to Surf in Byron Bay, Australia

by Angie Takanami Mar 26, 2008

BYRON BAY, New South Wales, Australia, is an ideal destination for newbie surfers. Surrounded by ocean and outstanding waves, Byron’s all-year-round warm climate and exceptionally friendly locals make learning to surf safe, comfortable, and fun.

Despite the town’s thriving tourism industry, laws preventing over-development have helped Byron Bay maintain its breathtaking natural beauty. The locals are all extremely environmentally aware, and locally-made, environmentally-friendly, and organic produce are abundant.


Getting to Byron is very easy from either Brisbane International Airport or the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Domestic Airport. From either airport, Byron-bound shuttle buses take you right into the town center.

Finding a place to stay in Byron is equally easy. There are many backpacker’s resorts, motels, hotels and apartments available.

Remember that Byron Bay is a popular destination, so it’s always important to book in advance. Most of the accommodation is conveniently located adjacent to the main street, which is close to the beaches.

For those who want a little bit more privacy, there is also a wide range of accommodation available just out of town, among the shrubs and along the beaches.

Surf School

Byron Bay offers a range of surf breaks for all levels and conditions. Surf lessons with a registered school are the best way to get to know the basics of catching a wave.

For expert coaching and unparalleled friendliness, Surfing Byron Bay is my top recommendation.

You don’t need any equipment; wetsuits/rash vests and beginner’s surfboards are all provided. Just take a big smile and you will have the time of your life!

Surfing Byron Bay boasts a wide range of learn-to-surf programs, from half day, full day, 2, 3 and 5-day programs, private lessons, women’s only lessons, group lessons, kids lessons, surf safaris and even ongoing private or small group coaching. All lessons are conducted by expert coaches in safe environments.

The school’s office is located right in the middle of town, next to the bus stop on Johnson Street. Coaches take you to the beach in one of the school’s vans.

You learn how to surf, but will also learn a lot about water safety, rips, and currents, so that once your lessons are over you’ll be well qualified to get out and catch some waves on your own!

Surfing is by no means an easy sport, but by starting off with expert instruction in one of the world’s most pristine beach towns, you will be catching waves in no time. Soon you’ll find yourself planning all your future journeys to surf destinations.


Other activities

There are a lot of other adventure sports offerings in Byron, such as scuba diving off Julian Rocks, kayaking with dolphins, whale watching, and even skydiving over the cape. Tours can be booked at one of the many travel agents along Johnson Street.

I also suggest a day trip out to the stoner paradise village of Nimbin to blow your mind at the Marijuana Museum or get captured on live web-cam at the hemp bar, where beer is not allowed

Enjoy the Waves!

Byron Bay is truly one of Australia’s most special places. When I have time off, it’s the first place I think of for a surfing vacation.

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