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Paul Robinson Sends a New V15

Las Vegas
by eric warren Jan 13, 2012
Paul Robinson crushes a V15 boulder route in Red Rock Canyon.

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Paul Robinson finished what he started two years ago when he turned his boulder project “Meadowlark Lemon” into a completed route, starting from a seated position (V15) rather than a standing start (V13).

Check out this 2011 video of Robinson climbing it from a standing start.

“I considered it one of the best lines I have ever climbed on in the entire world. The boulder is super physical, yet really technical. The crux revolves around some really crazy heel hooks on the left arete.”

While Robinson is no stranger to pulling off huge boulder moves, including another V15 called Lucid Dreaming in Bishop, CA, this one is special because he routed the line’s original V13 ascent and because, in the two years the line’s been established, he’s the first to do it seated.

Robinson named Meadowlark Lemon after the Harlem Globetrotter considered, by some, to be one of the best players in basketball history. According to Robinson, it’s more than a sweet name,

“The last move of my climb is similar to a slam dunk in basketball.

Robinson’s climb was captured on film for the upcoming release of Chuck Fryberger’s climbing film “The Network.”

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