Screen shot from the Red Bull Boston highlights video.

Champion Named in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup

by Kristin Conard Aug 26, 2011
Gary Hunt of the UK is the 2011 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup champion.

FROM YAHOO NEWS: IN BOSTON, the fifth of six stops in the world tour, 14 divers dove not from a cliff, but from the Institute of Contemporary Art. The specially built platform was around 90 feet high, and they’re diving into water that’s 23 feet deep.

It took just three seconds from take-off to entry, with a host of tucks, twists and somersaults on the way down, before divers pierced the water at speeds of 60 miles per hour, with an audible smack….

[The divers] entered the water feet first, to guard against the force of impact of falling from so high, and gave the thumbs-up to a safety team when they surfaced.

“When you’re up on top of the platform, it’s important to trust your body,” said U.S. competitor Steven LoBue, who added that he is “absolutely terrified” right before diving.

It’s the third year of the World Cup series, and Hunt is champion for the second time. The winning dive by Hunt was a one and a half twisting quadruple somersault. 23,000 spectators watched, including thousands watching from boats and kayaks in the harbor.

The highlights from the Boston leg of the tour can be seen here – including Hunt’s dive. The next stop is in Yalta, Ukraine on September 4.

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