13 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Your Lover to Finland

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by Katie Scott Aiton Aug 29, 2015

1. You prefer a cup of instant coffee in bed rather than taking your lover out for brunch.


2. The Finish term ‘Everyman’s right’ means you can walk freely (or get naked) in nature wherever you want. But then, you have a jealous streak.

3. A romantic night in for you includes a hot, candlelit bath and watching the Titanic on Netflix — rather than living it.

4. You are dating Edward Cullen or Dracula and the fact that the sun stays up for two consecutive months in summer scares the living daylight out of you.

Summer evenings and picnics on mountains, could do this every day. #sukkertoppen

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5. The notion of an outdoor cookout sounds unfathomable.


6. You don’t see anything interesting archipelagos.

Calm before the storm! #selfie

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7. Your girlfriend would rather spend an afternoon in Urban Outfitters rather hiking up to a view for the sunset.

Going home to see my mountain babe ❤️

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8. You only book your weekend getaways on Agoda.

Mirror cube treehouse. #treehotel #visitsweden

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9. Finland has the cleanest air in Europe and Helsinki some of the freshest tap water. But then the well-being of your partner is not high on the priority list.

Heaven on earth. The Finnish Archipelago! @visitarchipelago @ourfinland #finnishislands #visitarchipelago

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10. You prefer the predictable reliability of your local pub for date night.

Ice bar at #Snowvillage #yllas #ylläs

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11. A private sauna with a lover? Shameless!

12. You are used to waking up in your partners arms in a hotel room overlooking a carpark, and you’d rather not mix it up.

Sometimes the best seats are in the back… @69campers

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13. Every Christmas you give your love a calendar of the Northern lights and enjoying the most ultimate view in person sounds too extreme.


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