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30 Instagrammers Promoting Unconventional Travel That You Can Relate To

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by Sarah de los Cobos Jun 3, 2016

The Best Friend Pair-Ups

1. Girls Meet Globe

We are SO excited to spend the next few days at @AtlantisResort in The Bahamas! Join us in paradise as we help Atlantis celebrate 100,000 Instagram followers! #100kAtlantis #GirlsMeetGlobe #besties #Bahamas @thecoveatlantis

A photo posted by #GirlsMeetGlobe (@girlsmeetglobe) on

Courtney and Kiersten are each powerhouse Instagrammers on their own, but they decided to come together on this account to promote the idea that women who travel together, stay together. This is a good account to follow for badass girl-power inspiration.

2. The Glass Passage

Spent the day exploring the storybook Czech village of Cesky Krumlov. Tag your favorite travel buddy! 👯 #theglasspassage

A photo posted by The Glass Passage (@theglasspassage) on

Caitlin and Meredith are both expat photographers who have banded together to document their colorful traveles all over Europe and beyond.

The Ultimate Road Trippers

3. And There They Go

Matt and Hilary are road trippers who have committed to traveling 100-plus days out of the year. This is where to go for some epic outdoor adventure inspiration as well.

4. Where’s My Office Now

Emily and Corey are originally from New England and have been on the road for three years. Their feed is a raw account of how they manage to live and work in their van, alongside their pup. They’ve chosen to live as simply as possible so they can travel the world full-time.

The Digital Nomads

5. Best World Yet

Sleepy smiles 😴😍 Sunrise at Angkor Wat! 🌅 #totallyworthit #sunrise #AngkorWat #SiemReap #digitalnomads #Cambodia #temples #culture

A photo posted by Andrea & Bryan🌍Best World Yet (@bestworldyet) on

Andrea and Bryan have been traveling as digital nomads for just over a year and they’ve managed to settle in a new country every month. Together they run a luxury travel and adventure blog under the same name.

6. Micaela Shalan

HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY HUMP DAY friends🐪😜🐫 My camel showing his emotions (aka yawning, ha) when I was saying bye to him after our two day trek through the desert of Jaislemer, India!👋🏻❤️

A photo posted by • micaela • (@micaelashalane) on

Micaela is a freelance graphic designer based in San Diego who believes design can extend beyond work and actually create a positive change in the world.

7. Hom Sweet Hom

Lauren is a traveling illustrator who works away from home all year long. She sells digital prints on her online store and executes commissioned work while traveling from place to place.

The Sister Travelers

8. Travel Pockets

Crystal and Candy are American military brats who developed a passion for travel through a childhood spent in Asia. They’re self-proclaimed experts on Japan and Iceland, and primarily blog about fashion.

9. Twins That Travel

Claire and Laura are twins with traditional day jobs who are dedicated to sharing their travel experiences as part-time bloggers. Through honest, personal accounts, these women show us how special it can be to travel alongside the strongest of support systems, your family.

The Food-Obsessed Travelers

10. Girl Eat World

Ang Koo kuih, a nyonya cake made of glutinous rice. “Nyonya” is the term for women in chinese malaysian culture, which means this cake was brought to Malaysia through the influence of Chinese immigrants. Traditionally the cakes are red-colored and filled with mung beans – hence the name “ang koo” which means red tortoise, illustrating the shape of the cake which resembles tortoise shell. 🐢🔴 However the ones i found on Armenian street in Penang are not only rainbow colored, they are also filled with different flavors! I forgot what’s what (they were mango, coconut brown sugar, red bean and original mung bean) but my favorite was the coconut brown sugar one! I have always seen this cake in Indonesia too but never knew what it was called 😅. Ang koo kuih was traditionally eaten for special full moon festivities but can now be commonly found in markets. ❤️💛💙💚 #GirlEatPenang

A photo posted by ❤️ Melissa’s Food & Travel log (@girleatworld) on

Melissa is a storyteller of both travel and cuisine who is currently traveling in Jordan. Her Instagram feed is always about the local fare, but she’s got some great landscape shots in there as well.

11. Slice Of Pai

Joann is a food and travel photographer. Her feed is focused more on the gourmet side of her travels.

12. Phil Duncan

Phil travels around the world eating pizza. That’s it. Pizza, and pizza only.

The Travelers with Pets

13. Trevor Takes Photos

This Instagram features a rescue pup named Kahlua who is roaming around the U.S. with his owner Trevor.

14. Aspen The Mountain Pup

Hey dad, you can keep rowing…I’ll just keep checking out these views. Photo: @sarah_michelle_lawrence

A photo posted by Aspen the Mountain Pup (@aspenthemountainpup) on

Aspen has spent some time on Instagram nailing both a smolder and a pout.

15. Bolt And Keel

If you think dogs are the only travel sidekicks allowed, think again. Bolt and Keel are brother cats, and they’re pretty cute.

16. Biddy The Hedgehog

California!? Shhhhh don’t tell anyone. They asked if we had any produce, not if there were any hedgehogs in the car. #biddythehedgehog #biddyroadtrip2014 #sneakyhog 🐭🙊

A photo posted by Biddy (@biddythehedgehog) on

Although Biddy passed on from health issues last year, he lives on as the most well-traveled hedgehog on Instagram.

The Outdoorswomen

17. Brooke Willson

We think we need so many useless things when all we really need is time to breathe – Unknown | Preferably out among the trees and in the mountains 🌲🗻 #freshairandfreedom @eddiebauer #ebcontributor #liveyouradventure Photo by: @shrediger

A photo posted by “B” 25 | Alberta | 🗻🍁 (@brookewillson) on

Brooke is a nature enthusiast who is passionate about outdoor education as therapy. Obsessed with staying active, her feed inspires others to get outside and get connected with the outdoors.

18. Goldie Hawn

Don’t tell people your dreams, show them.

A photo posted by katie|goldie (@goldiehawn_) on

Katie is a Canadian travel and landscape photographer. She’s committed to living a simplistic lifestyle in order to travel full-time.

19. Jess Wandering

Jess is an adventure-seeking photographer who has traded in her law degree for a life of wandering. A believer in the cathartic power of the outdoors, her Instagram captures moments of peace.

The Drinkers

20. Drink Around The World

Day-drinkers everywhere can appreciate this expansive presentation of alcohol by Lauren Winant. Each photo premiers a range of drinks set in a foreign backdrop, from beachside cocktails to wine on a mountaintop.

21. Winderlust

Greig travels around the world absorbing not only moments, but glasses of wine. Leading the way in a community of epicurean travelers, his feed is not only educational, it’s inherently fun.

The Family Travelers

22. Traveling Canucks

Watching the world pass by on the #VIARail. #ExploreAlberta

A photo posted by Cam and Nicole Wears 🌎✈ (@travelingcanucks) on

Cam and Nicole show us that traveling doesn’t need to stop when you have a family. Their foursome travels all over the world, documenting just how they do it, so other parents may follow suit.

23. Travel Mad Mum

Me and my little miss enjoying the sunset in Cambodia earlier this year #loveasia

A photo posted by Travel Mad Mum (@travelmadmum) on

Karen is a determined mom who is out to help other parents who wish to travel while raising their kids. She has already taken her little one to 12 countries since birth and isn’t planning to stop.

24. Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig are Australians who having been to more than 50 countries combined. With two kids, they affirm that you can travel long-term on the cheap, creating strong bonds and big memories alongside your children.

The Teacher Travelers

25. Live Learn Venture

There are some food that I’ll really miss when I leave Korea this fall.

A photo posted by Live Learn Venture 🌎 (@livelearnventure) on

Natasha is an ESL teacher living in South Korea and traveling around Asia with her husband. With ample knowledge on what it takes to teach and travel, her feed is a curated story of colors and adventures abroad.

26. Frankie Goes To Milano

A day away wouldn’t be complete without a jumping photo 😂💕

A photo posted by Francesca | Frankie (@frankiegoestomilano) on

Francesca is a Scottish expat who is living and teaching in Italy.

The Traveling Couples

27. No Destinations

Happy New Years Eve!! All you really need to ring in the new year, is to be surrounded by people you love! 👫 🎉

A photo posted by Chris & Danika (@nodestinations) on

Chris and Danika quit their jobs and sold everything to live a dream. Over the past 2 years, they’ve visited more than 90 destinations.

28. Roamaroo

Self-proclaimed Mr. and Mrs. Worldwide, Collette and Scott are bloggers specializing in couples travel. The duo are hooked on luxury travel and romantic destinations, and have spent the last 4 years strengthening their relationship through their adventurous lifestyle.

29. Passports And Champagne

Jeff and Angela are road-tripping, backpacking and camping their way around the world together. Their feed demonstrates a good time, and a little luxury, but it’s not pretentious.

30. Captain And Charlie

Captain, a Jersey native, and Charlie, Kiwi-raised, are on a voyage around the Mediterranean sea. Living on their yacht, Silver Paws, this couple demonstrates that you can adapt to long-term travel on a boat, with solar energy panels and a BBQ, of course.

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