9 of the Best Travel Snapchatters to Stoke Your Wanderlust

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by Cailin O' Neil Feb 8, 2016

1. Kate McCulley — | Snapchat: AdventurousKate

The top female solo traveler blogger in the world Kate is smart, witty and a great story-teller that knows how to have a good time as she travels. From Asia to Europe to Central America and more watching her snaps is almost like traveling the world with your best friend.

2. Matt Karsten — | Snapchat: ExpertVagabond

Matt is an extremely popular adventure travel blogger who is currently based in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. He has done everything from hitch-hiking across the US and hopping freight trains to traversing the Caminito Del Rey (pre-repairs), which is one of the most dangerous walkways in the world.

3. Edna Zhou — | Snapchat: ExpatEdna

Edna is an American expat who has been living around the world for the past several years and can most commonly be found in Paris. She is an avid photographer, who enjoys food of a variety of tastes and has a large passion for beer, cocktails and fine wines. Follow her to see how such a life is possible.

4. Kiersten Rich — | Snapchat: TheBlondeAbroad

Kiersten Rich is an award winning lifestyle and travel blogger. With a home base in California she is often found all over the world from Hawaii to Rome to Bali and back again. She always has a smile on her face and a cheery personality that will put you in a happy mood every time you watch her snapchats. Follow her for the best travel tips from budget travel to luxury and female solo travel too.

5. Mike Corey — | Snapchat: KickTheGrind



Canadian Mike Corey originally studied to become a biologist before finding his passion for filmmaking and travel. Now he continually travels the world creating epic video content while setting aside time to break dance, scuba dive, take a road trip with a praying mantis and share his love of fish and insects.

6. Alex and Marko Ayling — | Snapchat: Vagabrothers

Alex and Marko are Californian brothers who have a ridiculous skill of making amazing travel videos. Their Snapchats follow their adventures together and apart while on the road or just surfing at home. For 2016 their plan is to make their snapchat channel bilingual with English and Spanish, which they are both fluent in. Follow them if you are looking for two rad dudes to go on adventures with.

7. Yvonne Zaggerman — | Snapchat: JustTravelous

Yvonne is a German travel blogger with a passion for exploring the world and also going on epic road trips while singing car karaoke. Most of her snaps are in English, with a few often being in German. Follow along with her to visit epic destinations like Tajikistan and more.

8. Flora Baker — | Snapchat: ExplorerFlora

If there is only one reason that you should follow Flora, then it is for her charming British accent. But of course there are many other reasons as well. Flora also goes on epic travel adventures like walking the Camino de Santiago. She moved to South America once to learn Spanish vowing not to return home until she was fluent and she now lives in the UK studying for her Masters in non-fiction writing in between travels and winning National Geographic’s Annual Travel Writing Awards.

9. Cailin O’Neil — | Snapchat: CailinONeil

As someone who is addicted to Snapchat and uses it all of the time on my travels I can’t write this post without including myself. I am first a YouTuber before a blogger so being on camera when it comes to Snapchat is second nature to me. Spending half of my time traveling around the world and the other half at home in Canada I have been told my snap stories are informative, hilarious and often goofy all mixed in with everything from staying in a hostel to going on a luxury safari. Check out my snaps to follow the girl next door, traveling the world.

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