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China's New Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Is the World's Longest Over-Water Span

by Hal Amen Jul 1, 2011
China adds another long-ass bridge to its collection.

On June 30, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge was officially opened, becoming the world’s longest bridge to run over water. It connects the Huangdao District of Qingdao with the city proper and is 139,400 feet in length. That’s 26.4 miles (46.5km).

(I just googled “Jiaozhou Bay Bridge marathon” and yes, someone has already had the idea: New Bridge Marathon Opportunity in China)


Photo credit: AP

The same day, a second new connection between mainland and island was unveiled: the 4.8-mile Qing-Huang Tunnel (China’s longest undersea tunnel).

I hear infrastructure investment is a great way to boost long-term economic growth.


For bridge stats (they’re more fun to check out than they sound), hit up Wikipedia’s List of longest bridges in the world.

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* Story and photos via: Yahoo/Reuters

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