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43 Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Visit Chicago

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by Nycole Hampton Oct 7, 2015

1. @ChooseChicago

Choose Chicago is the official destination marketing agency for the city of Chicago. Each week a new photographer is featured #takingoverchoosechicago.

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2. @nick_ulivieri

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3. @ryanpostel

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4. @timelapsechicago

5. @dannymota

6. @kbucklandphoto

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7. @cocu_liu

8. @ChicagoFoodAuthority

9. @barrybutler9

10. @afowler2k

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11. @chicagomatt

A post shared by Matt Lohmus (@chicagomatt) on

12. @valeriebriee

13. @mldsphotography

14. @ekpendds

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