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The 5 Sickest Lines of This Year's X Games Aspen

Ski and Snow
by Rory Moulton Jan 26, 2015

2015 Winter X Games went off this past weekend in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado. It was another stunning display of the best freeriders in the world, hucking huge jumps, boosting out of the monster pipe, and sliding buttery rails. We sifted through the best winning runs and picked five of the sickest, raddest lines, in no particular order, from X Games Aspen:

1. Mark McMorris, men’s snowboard slopestyle

Not sure what’s more impressive on this gold-medal run, McMorris’ silky smooth backside rail slides or his monster backside 1440 to cap off the run. Wow!

2. Silje Norendal, women’s snowboard slopestyle

A technically flawless run with a gorgeous frontside rodeo, this Norwegian bombsehell shows she can break records as well as hearts.

3. Chloe Kim, women’s snowboard superpipe

The youngest ever gold medalist in the lady’s pipe, Kim boosts like few women can and sticks EVERY SINGLE landing. Mad impressive showing from the kid.

4. Vincent Gagnier, men’s ski big air

The Canadian just kills his big air runs with an unprecedented array of grabs and style like none other. It’s official: The Gagnier brothers are a freeskiing dynasty.

5. Nick Goepper, men’s ski slopestyle

Goepper shows what it takes to win the slope comp — speed, big air on every element, and buttery smooth transitions. This might as well be a how-to video.

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