Extreme Off-Road Rollerblading Is a Real Thing, and You Have To See It To Believe It

Extreme Sports
Kate Siobhan Mulligan
Feb 20, 2016

The damp, thick rainforests on the north shore of Vancouver, BC, are a mountain biker’s paradise, with nearly 300 trails and spanning nearly 300 kilometres for all types of extreme living enthusiasts. But they’re not going to be alone out there for much longer. These impressive trails that have been painstakingly carved out by hand, and by bike — including wooden ramps, turns, and jumps — are about to be frequented by an emerging extreme sport: off-road rollerblading.

It’s hard to imagine rollerblading through the woods, so check out this video put together by the people at Powerslide — a leading brand of off-road rollerblades helping to pioneer the sport. It not only highlights how it’s possible, but that it’s actually quite graceful — and manages to pay homage to the beauty of Vancouver’s trails at the same time.

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