Filmmaker Hunter Weeks’ new kickstarter campaign looks to fund a new film about floating the length of the Yellowstone River.

Hunter Weeks, producer of “10 mph” and “Ride the Divide,” hopes to float the Yellowstone River, the longest undammed river in the lower 48 US states. Of course, this isn’t the first time the 692 mile river has been floated. I spent much of my life near the shores of the Yellowstone River, and I am stoked that this river, which wanders most of its length through “fly-over country,” is getting featured in a film. The Yellowstone has been an arterial waterway for thousands of years, being used by generations of Native Americans, trappers and Lewis and Clark. If this film follows the path of Weeks’ other films, it will focus less on the Yellowstone’s history, but on the adventure of running the river and the people who live near it. These people, who rarely get the chance to have a camera pointed at them, will make the film a kick to watch.

As a kickstarter, this campaign needs to be funded before the film can be made. Check it out here. Video created by Hunter Weeks.