A Go Pro Was Launched Into Space and Was Found 2 Years Later. Check Out the Video It Got.

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by Cathy Brown Sep 16, 2015

In June 2013, five friends launched a GoPro to the edge of space. As you do.

They hooked the camera up to a weather balloon, along with a cell phone which could log the contraption’s location. It was programmed to send a message as soon as it returned to cell phone range.

Everything was sent up and away about 20 miles from the Grand Canyon. The phone never sent back a message and they figured they’d miscalculated at some point.

The team actually had calculated its trajectory more or less accurately. What happened was that there was no cell coverage where the phone came back to Earth. Minor detail.

But recently, two years after the launch, a hiker — who just so happened to work for AT&T — came across it and traced the phone to its owner using the SIM card. And, two years after the launch, the five friends finally got to see the results of their handiwork.

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