This Japanese-Style Ad Is the Only Trump Campaign Video You Won't Hate

by Matt Hershberger Jun 16, 2016

HANG ON, JUST HEAR ME OUT: Yes, Donald Trump is the worst. Yes, he is a stain on the American political process. Yes, he is basically a 19th century flimflam man. Yes, he is the human equivalent of a dumpster fire.

And yes, you will love this pseudo-commercial. It has everything you’d expect from a good Trump campaign ad: A dancing Trump. A fuzzy dinosaur with Trump’s head. Trump giving Sieg Heil’s against a background of swastika’s. A Kim Jong-Un-esque display of military force. A giant, gaudy border wall. An exploding world. And an infectiously catchy soundtrack.

The video was made by American YouTube star Mike Diva, who was asked on Twitter if it was meant to make Donald Trump look bad. He replied:

The video plays on the Japanese concept of “kawaii,” which sort of translates to “cute,” but also means so much more. And seeing it applied to Trump is amazing.

The Atlantic reports that most of the Japanese writing merely says “Trump,” or “President,” though it also occasionally says “Trump is God!” or “May Trump Live 10,000 Years!” God help us. Especially if God really is Trump.

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