Move, Learn, Eat: A "Trip of a Lifetime" in 3 Minutes of Film

Photo + Video + Film
by Hal Amen Aug 4, 2011

A 44-day trip gets deconstructed into 3 thematic one-minute videos (see the first above and the other two below).

Earlier this year, a three-man crew hit the road to visit 11 countries and capture “almost a terabyte” of video footage.

After what must have been a marathon editing session, they wound up with the videos below, each ~60 seconds long and focusing on a theme that defined their travels (and, really, all travel): MOVE, LEARN, and EAT.

Each features a different style of storytelling, with MOVE composed of clips spliced together at an almost seizure-inducing frame rate. EAT starts out with split-screen closeups of food, then shifts to closeups of the act of eating itself.

But LEARN was my favorite — this is where the real narrative is. These guys weren’t flying around for the passport stamps or the mission of making a few pretty videos. In LEARN, I sense a genuine desire to connect with people and culture — which is where all the best travel stories start.

Plus, I think I’ve climbed that wall in Railay.

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