GO TO FULLSCREEN for this video, and don’t even think of watching it in anything but HD. John Capra, the photographer who works as Scientifantastic created this absurdly detailed timelapse of Rio de Janeiro using hundreds of high-resolution photos. “Each shot is comprised of hundreds individual still images, each weighing in at a whopping 80 megapixels,” Capra explains: “Each individual raw frame measures 10328×7760 pixels.”

To demonstrate how much detail he can capture with this many images, Capra starts each image scaled down to 14% of it’s normal size, and then zooms into 100%. The result is that in what appears to be a single image, Capra is able to capture the life of the city in both a broad, city-wide scale, and in close-up, intimate detail. He specifically created the video to show off what he was able to do with his PhaseOne IQ180 camera, and hopefully it worked: I’d love to see this video done for every city on the planet.