In July 2017, Finland-based producer and artist, Joonas Linkola, flew from Helsinki to Munich where he rented a car and drove towards Austria. For the third year in a row, Joonas has spent several months living on the road producing visual content. His style is ambient, thoughtful and positive, which could also be said about his character. The summer spent camping and hiking in the Austrian mountains, with his friends was described as a “one of a kind experience”.

Here is a collection of some of his photos shot during their road trip through the Alps.

Editors Note; Find Joonas and his work on Instagram and Facebook.


Flower fields and cloudy mountain peaks in Seceda. Last few hundred meters left before it was time to set up the basecamp.


Alone at Lago di Braies, one of the most photographed lakes in Italy. Well known for its cute rowing boats and serene atmosphere.


Fresh mountain air makes me smile widely. Tired, exhausted, sweaty, hungry, thirsty but happy. This was shot on the way back from an overnight hike in Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


The Milky Way can be seen even through these light clouds that are covering the sky. Sunset colors light up the horizon. The basecamp (rifugio) that you can see offers bunk beds and food for travellers.


Sun rays hit the peak Dito di Dio (Finger of God), with the lake Lago di Sorapiss at its foot.


Hallstatt in Austria is a classic. Surrounded by mountains, this small and cute town is World Heritage Site.


Crystallised water in Gosausee, Austria. Long days outdoors need some refreshments. The water is not as cold as it may seem.


“Alone one can go fast, together we can go far.” Hot and sweaty days in the mountains in Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


Diving under the sunset in Gosausee, Austria. This remote lake is a perfect destination for day trips.


Early and challenging wakeup at Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Hiking towards the sunset to witness the new day. Beautiful colour palette in the morning, views South-East over Auronzo di Cadore, Province of Belluno.


Ethereal Alpine lake, Lago di Sorapis, showing off in the sunset. After a rainy day the ground was lush and the air refreshing. A perfect moment to cook dinner below the peak.


One-of-a-kind view from the tent. This was shot on Seceda, 2500 meters above sea level.


“Sometimes the only light is in your own hands.” Wandering towards a dark and rainy night somewhere.