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How to Explore Ameyoko Street, Tokyo's Famous Open-Air Market

by Matador Creators May 5, 2023

Tokyo is known for its cherry blossoms and hidden temples, but it’s also a powerhouse for shopping. Ameyoko Street, in particular, is a bustling open-air market that’s home to an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It’s not quite Times Square, but it truly does have everything, from traditional Japanese stores with local crafts to modern businesses. Here’s how to make the best of a stroll down Ameyoko Street.

If you’re a foodie, there’s plenty of options here to satisfy your taste buds. Delicious eateries like Umeya offering traditional Japanese staples like sushi and tempura coexist with new age ramen joints, plus international cuisines like Chinese dumplings or Korean BBQ – all within easy reach. In the evening, bars and clubs such as Ginza Come Across open their doors for those looking for a more lively night out.

Ameyoko Street also has tons of choices when it comes to shopping. Visitors can find branded products at big-name stores like Muji and Uniqlo, plus smaller outlets such as Komehyo Secondhand Department Store, which sells pre-loved luxury items at discounted rates. Other stores stock everyday items such as clothing, general goods, pharmaceuticals, and even pet supplies.

For those wanting some culture, the popular theatre district around Nogizaka Station offers excellent kabuki performances or musical comedies. In addition, comic book fans can find a range of manga in various stores on the street – perfect for diving into the world of Japanese animation.

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