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Feteer Meshaltet Is Egypt's Croissant-Like Pastry That's a Hallmark of the Street Food Scene

by Matador Creators Mar 10, 2023

There’s more to Egypt than just the pyramids, especially if you’re into street food. If you’re a foodie planning a trip to Egypt, you’ll want to try one of the country’s most famous dishes: feteer meshaltet. This Egyptian meal is a stuffed, savory pastry, easy to make, and packed with flavor, making it the perfect pick for anyone who wants to experience traditional Egyptian cuisine.

@foodwtf Feteer meshaltet is a flaky Egyptian "croissant-like" pastry 🤤 Give it a try at 📍Eatery inside the #Cairo Festival City Mall 🎥 @emannaguibs #foodie #foodtravel #egyptianfood #feteer ♬ today I wanted a croissant – Laura Gouillon

Dating back centuries, feteer meshaltet consists of layers of thin pastry dough filled with a variety of savory ingredients like ground beef, tomatoes, onions, and spices like cumin and coriander. The dough is then folded into triangles and baked until golden brown. The result is a flaky pastry shell filled with a flavorful meat-and-vegetable filling.

Feteer meshaltet is typically served hot or warm with yogurt or tahini sauce on the side for dipping. It can also be topped with sesame seeds or nuts for added crunch and flavor, and some people even like to sprinkle sugar on top for an extra sweet kick.

The dish can be found all over Egypt, from street vendors to high-end restaurants. Street vendors usually sell the pastries pre-made and ready to eat, while at restaurants they may be made fresh upon request. Seeking out feteer meshalteh while in Egypt is also a great way to support local businesses. Not only do these small food stands help keep traditional recipes alive, they also provide employment opportunities to locals who might otherwise have difficulty finding work elsewhere. Additionally, since feteer meshalteh relies heavily on fresh ingredients like vegetables and meat that can be sourced locally, it helps create economic opportunities for farmers and ranchers who may not have access to larger markets or distribution networks.

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