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The World's Largest Rooftop Infinity Pool Doesn't Disappoint, With Panoramic Views of Singapore's Skyline

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by Matador Creators Jun 1, 2023

Not only is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel one of the most standout landmarks in Singapore, it’s also an architectural masterpiece. A towering icon of modern luxury, the hotel features 2,561 luxurious rooms and suites that offer a stunning view of the city skyline, and is known for its rooftop infinity pool and “Rain Oculus” art installation.

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Indeed, the rooftop infinity pool (the world’s largest) is one of the most popular features of Marina Bay Sands. The pool is a stunning visual spectacle, and its position on top of the hotel offers an unrivaled view of the city skyline. The pool itself is a massive 492 feet long and is perfect for taking a dip or soaking up the sun. The pool area also has a bar where you can enjoy refreshing cocktails. The “Rain Oculus,” the hotel’s other special attraction, is a rain collection system and skylight, consisting of two round pools. The water comes from rainfall, and is collected in the outdoor pool before being recycled over and over again.

Marina Bay Sands also features a range of world-class facilities, including a shopping mall with over 340 stores, an art museum, an ice-skating rink, and the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. The deck offers a 360-degree view of the city and is the perfect place to take in the stunning view of the city skyline.

Despite being a city hotel, the Marina Bay Sands also has a refreshing green space in the form of the Gardens by the Bay. Made up of three waterfront gardens that are home to a diverse selection of flora and fauna, the gardens are the perfect place to relax and take a stroll after exploring the bustling city.

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