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This Hotel in Italy Has a Room With an Underground Cave Pool

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by Matador Creators Dec 15, 2023

Located in the heart of Lecce, in southeastern Italy, the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel offers a blend of history, luxury, and Italian charm. This romantic 4-star boutique hotel is renowned for its distinctive rooms and suites, particularly the Grand Deluxe Nymphaeum Suite, which comes equipped with its very own grotto pool.

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Indeed, the Grand Deluxe Nymphaeum Suite is more than just a room — it’s an experience. With features like a shower carved into the rock and a relaxation area, this suite provides a serene and luxurious retreat. The bed sits underneath a classic 16th century “lunette” ceiling, which creates a surreal interplay of lights and shadows. Its design is a perfect marriage of traditional Italian architecture and modern amenities.

But the allure of the Grand Deluxe Nymphaeum Suite goes beyond its stunning interiors. What sets it apart is the underground cave pool — a feature that adds a touch of mystique and romance to your stay. Downstairs, you’ll have a private bathroom where water cascades into an underground pool.

Eating here is also a great way to immerse yourself in Italian culture. The hotel’s on-site restaurant offers a menu that celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Italy, particularly those of the Puglia region, and the wine list features selections from some of Italy’s finest vineyards. Every dish is prepared with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring fresh and authentic flavors. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the elegantly designed dining room or savoring a romantic dinner under the stars on the patio, each meal is a journey into Italian cuisine.

Staying at the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel also means being just a short walk away from some of Lecce’s most iconic attractions. From the Piazza Mazzini to the Faggiano Museum, guests can easily explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. Plus, the hotel’s central location makes it an ideal base for further adventures in Italy’s Puglia region.

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