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Have Dinner Inside a Cozy Cave at This Restaurant in Cappadocia, Türkiye

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by Matador Creators Jan 12, 2023

For an intimate, cozy dinner in Türkiye, there’s one restaurant in Göreme that is worth checking out: It’s called Soffy’s Kitchen, and having dinner there feels like dining in a cave – in a good way.

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Located in Turkey’s Cappadocia region (which is known for hot air balloon rides, and the so called “fairy chimneys,” conical rock formations that can be found decorating the landscape), Soffy’s Kitchen has a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

The low, curved ceilings give the impression of dining in a cave – but one that feels homey and welcoming. The warm golden lighting is romantic, and one corner of the restaurant is outfitted in plush pillows, and carpets so that diners can lounge comfortably.

However, inside the comfort of the cave isn’t the only romantic place to eat dinner at Soffy’s Kitchen: Tables on the terrace are coveted for their view of Göreme. The narrow street on which Soffy’s Kitchen is situated is charming and bustling with tourists and nightlife.

The menu at Soffy’s Kitchen is focused on meat dishes like lamb, as well as Mediterranean classics like hummus, rice, and stuffed grape leaves. One dish that people should try when they visit Soffy’s Kitchen is the pottery kebap, a stew cooked inside a clay pot called an avanos. The pot is then cracked open with a hammer at your table. Pottery kebap is a dish that is native to Cappadocia.

The cave atmosphere is actually common in the town of Göreme, which is home to cave churches painted with frescoes which were built as far back as the 10th century. Uçhisar Castle, in the southwest of town, is also carved into the mountainside.

Besides taking a hot air balloon ride, visitors to this town take trips to the Göreme Open Air Museum, or take a hike in the Pigeon Valley, which is known for the ancient dovecotes carved into volcanic rock, which are still maintained by locals today.

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