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Watch: Insane 4-Story Go-Kart Track Feels Like Mario Kart

Niagara Falls Photo + Video + Film
by Tim Wenger Jan 18, 2018

If you’re like us, you spent countless hours in the 1990’s playing Mario Kart 64 in your parents’ basement. Day-long battle mode duels and 150cc championship circuits with your siblings and other neighborhood kids were so often the highlight of summer, winter, and after-school hangs that it’s never quite been the same since Sony and Microsoft took over the video game world. Here’s your chance to call a rematch — in real life. This is great news because so many of us gave away that Nintendo 64 to the thrift store or sold it at a garage sale long ago, only to wish six months later that it was still around.

Niagara Speedway at Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario pits groups of go-karters against each other on a 4-story track with dips and turns reminiscent of Rainbow Road and Toad’s Turnpike, though you likely won’t find any turtle shells or banana peels lying around. The track is scheduled to open this spring, sure to tickle the fancy of gamers, racing fans, and amusement park junkies alike.

Time to plan a trip! Haven’t you always wanted to see Niagara Falls, anyway?

H/T: Thrillist

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