1. A Swede doesn’t tell someone to “take a hike”… he tells someone to “throw themselves in the wall.” (Släng dig i väggen)

2. A Swede doesn’t “beat around the bush”… he “walks like the cat around hot porridge.” (Gå som katten kring het gröt)

3. A Swede doesn’t tell you to “chill”… he asks you to “bring your spikes down.” (Tagga ned)

4. A Swede doesn’t say “no worries” if everything is alright… he tells you there is “no cow on the ice.” (Ingen ko på isen)

5. Alternatively he tells you there is “no danger on the roof.” (Ingen fara på taket)

6. A Swede is not ”wasted”… he is “round under his feet.” (Rund under fötterna)

7. Alternatively he is “on the cinnamon.” (På kanelen)

8. A Swede doesn’t “fight until the last drop”… he fights “all the way into the tile.” (Ända in i kaklet)

9. A Swede doesn’t say you “don’t have all your dogs on one leash” when he thinks you’re stupid… he says you “don’t have all the hens at home.” (Alla höns hemma)

10. Or that you “don’t have all your horses in the stable.” (Inte alla hästar i stallet)

11. A Swede doesn’t “seek revenge”… he “gives back for old cheese.” (Ge tillbaka för gammal ost)

12. A Swede doesn’t “keep an eye” on something… he “hits an eye” on something. (Slå ett öga på)

13. A Swede is not “raging mad”… he is “forest crazy.” (Skogstokig)

14. A Swede doesn’t have “a skeleton in his closet”… instead he “doesn’t have clean flour in his bag.” (Inte ha rent mjöl i påsen)

15. A Swede is not ”ahead of the game”… he “lies in the front edge.” (Ligger i framkant)

16. A Swede is not “dressed to the nines”… he is “dressed up to his teeth.” (Klädd up till tänderna)

17. A Swede is not “hungover”… his “hair hurts.” (Ont i håret)