1. When you first get to the farm and you’re overwhelmed by how beautiful and nature-y everything is, and you immediately think you can spend the rest of your life picking olives and milking goats even though you haven’t started yet.

2. When you first meet the other WWOOFers you’re working with

3. When you start your first day on the job

4. When you finish your first day on the job and emerge from the experience exhausted and covered in scratches, animal dung, and a thick layer of sweat

5. After day five of weeding

6. When you uncover the first gigantic insect in your bed

7. When it’s finally Saturday night and you have Sunday off

8. What actually ends up happening

9. When you think you’re getting into excellent shape at long last

10. What really happens after a long day of work

11. When you really, really, really just want a beer and the nearest town is 50 minutes away on foot

12. When you finally get that drink

13. When you have a breakthrough moment with your WWOOF hosts

14. And then you realize the hand gestures you’ve been using are actually horribly offensive in their culture

15. When your WWOOF hosts have people over for dinner and you’re invited, but you don’t understand a word of the language

16. When it’s time to leave and suddenly every insect is tolerable, and you’re sure you’ll never experience such peace and oneness with nature ever again in your lifetime

17. When you first lay eyes on civilization again

18. Three weeks later, when your body still hasn’t properly adjusted to the real world

19. Four weeks later, when you’re already sick of civilization and the real world again