I (Heart) Transitions Abroad

by Tim Patterson Apr 15, 2009

In 1991 I was a Little League pitcher for the Durham Mets. Stepping out onto the mound was always pure magic. I felt like a big-shot in my uniform, hurling 45 mph fastballs.

Once in a while, though, the high-school baseball team would be practicing at the same time, on the full-size field across the lot, and I’d be reminded that I still had a lot of growing up to do.

Writing and editing for Matador Abroad in 2009 is just as big a thrill as pitching for the Mets was back in 4th grade. This independent online travel community is growing fast, and I’ve got no doubt that we’ll make the big leagues soon.

But sometimes I look over the fence, to where the big kids practice, and I remember that Matador Abroad has a lot of catching up to do. Since 1977 Transitions Abroad has been the leading resource for global citizens, vagabonds and every dreamer who stares for hours at world maps, imagining possibilities.

It’s my dream to build Matador Abroad into a resource that’s just as empowering and inspiring as Transitions Abroad has been for so many people. After another 32 years, I hope both websites will still be going strong.

Check out the archives of travel resources at Transitions Abroad. It’s a treasure trove of articles, links and advice. If you like what you see, give a shout-out to Gregory Hubbs, the editor and publisher of Transitions Abroad.

You can find his profile right here on Matador.

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