Photo: Airbus/Espacenet

These Nightmarish Airplane Seats May Become a Frightening Reality

by Katka Lapelosová Jul 17, 2014

I FEEL LIKE the aviation industry is legitimately trying to make air travel the least comfortable experience possible. Airlines keep charging for things like snacks, seat preference, and now carry-on luggage, while downgrading their services and environments. Case in point: the Airbus patent for a new in-flight seat design.

Upgrading flights with this ludicrous structure will end up costing airlines millions of dollars, will provide zero comfort on even short-haul flights, and I bet they will still find ways to overcharge passengers. (You want to sit for the duration of the flight? That’ll be an additional $25. It’s free to stand though!)



If I have to sit for nearly 18 hours in a confined space, with absolutely no control on how the vehicle is driven, or any way of stopping to stretch my legs and take in a bit of scenery, I’m expecting the most comfort my wallet can afford. I know this is only a “concept” patent, but please Airbus, cease this process before it gets worse.

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