The Times They Are A Changin'

by Sarah Menkedick Mar 19, 2009

Your editor leaping into a new era at Matador (Photo: Jorge Santiago)

I spent the past weekend in the back of a truck, under a pile of sleeping bags pinned down with coconuts, traveling across Mexico’s Sierra Sur to get to the beach. It was a fitting intro to my new position here at the Matador Network.

Matador is taking a new direction, with a different layout and site design. Each site will have a unique voice and emphasis within the wider Matador vision. I’m thrilled to be bringing this new voice to Abroad along with the intrepid Tim Patterson (trekker of Cambodian jungles, fisher of Patagonian trout, leader of youth into the vast unknown, explorer of the wild rural dreams of countries round the world).

Tim is ready for anything

We’ll be mixing up our longer pieces with short, juicy posts for you to devour wherever you are in the world.

We want to get your feedback, readers, and to develop a thriving community here on Abroad. Roam around and let us know what you think of the new site.

Regale us with your experiences on the contributers page, and if you’re psyched about where Abroad is going, sign up for a subscription to Matador.

Welcome to the new version of Abroad!

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