Nate Robert

Nate Robert is a dilettante photojournalist and long term traveler. Journeying through fifty plus countries (and counting), Nate documents his infamously off the beaten path adventures over at YOMADIC. He is currently thinking about who would win a fight between a pack of wild Albanian dogs, and a Transnistrian Brown Bear. His hobbies include street photography, collecting very small rocks from beaches around the world, and writing interesting author bio's.

Will Sochi’s Olympic sites one day look like these beautiful ruins?

Old Tbilisi, Georgia: Decaying beauty, or birth of a tourist trap?

Inside the abandoned palace of Penthouse Magazine in Croatia

Sneaking into Bulgaria’s abandoned Communist party headquarters

Transnistria: Brides and bribes in Eastern Europe’s breakaway territory

Polish prostitutes: Meet the forest whores outside of Warsaw

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