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DJs worldwide give new life to an archive of 35,000 African songs

Northern Ireland is divided over its national soccer squad. But not as divided as it used to be

The savory treat of the Dragon Boat Festival and the aunties who make them

Russia and Norway are tussling over a $20K/night resort

Why King Tut had an awesome dagger from outer space

It took this man 10 years to realize he was living in a synagogue

A simple cup of tea can mean a lot on the island of Lesbos

Thailand’s thoughtcrime arrests are getting dangerously bizarre

Tear gas becomes the norm for school kids in Paris

Why the leader of a US Muslim coalition wants you to vote for Trump

This African-American duo is breaking K-pop stereotypes

You can rent this picturesque farm by the sea for $1.50 a year

Half of all refugee children worldwide are not getting an education, says charity

For Hong Kong dissidents challenging China, ‘it feels like 1984’

What if one culture shares multiple languages? This Oregon school is finding out

Here’s where to find some of the cleanest air in the world

Haiti, a Caribbean country, is joining the African Union

In India, access to toilets remains a huge problem — worst of all for women and girls

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