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20 Basic, Fun, Sexy Resources for Beginning Meditators

by Christine DeSadeleer Apr 5, 2009
A collection of 20 resources covering all types of meditation: from laughter, to sexual, to extreme.

Ah, meditation. Conjurs up thoughts of being centered, at peace with one’s self and the world, and being rid of all those pesky worries.

Worries like the total loss of every penny you’ve made in the stock market and your dog throwing up on your bed, again.

But then you sit down to try and meditate, clear your mind, and quickly see that it takes about 15 seconds for your brain to go back to that project due 3 hours ago or to picturing the Dalai Lama naked.

Whoa. Well, while meditation may end up being harder than you thought it would be – many of us wonder, “am I doing it right?” – it doesn’t have to be.

There’s more than one way to approach meditation, and there is something out there for everyone, trust me. Just take a look at the list 20 resources below.

Basic Guides to Meditation

1. Meditation for Beginners. A nice little video guide for those who want detailed instructions.

2. Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind. Gives some good pointers like, “Notice frustration creep up on you” and “Do NOT Stress” (a bit helpful during meditation).

3. Do you want some Basic Meditation Exercises to try? Succinct little list that mentions the all-inclusive “Choose your own mantra,” extremely helpful in developing focus. Also has links for different forms of meditation.

Laughter Meditation

4. How to Feel Great Every Day for the Rest of Your Life… Laugh as hard as you can for 15 minutes and TRY not to feel calm afterwards. Go ahead, I triple dog dare you.

5. Centered Silliness. “The physical act of laughing is one of the few actions involving the body, emotions, and the soul.” Boom, there you go.

6. Risatel Laughter Hotline. Need to hear some laughter in order to get your meditation on? This video will help.

Fun Meditation

7. Can Meditation Be Fun? There aren’t too many people out there who dare to ask the question: “If you were God, would you be serious?”

8. Notes from the Universe. Meditate daily on how cool, and funny, the Universe can be.

9. Betty Funny Meditation Pose. Is this what you’re supposed to look like when meditating? Well, maybe…

Travel Meditation

10. Guided Meditation for Astral Travel. For a little nightime travel of the astral variety.

11. A simple travel meditation. Easy, to the point, and can be done whether you are going to work or sitting on the back of a bush taxi for 9 hours in the middle of Tanzania.

12. Baby Meditation. You can even meditate if you are a baby, anywhere in the world!

Sexual Meditation

13. Qtantra Sexual Meditation. It’s labeled “Sacred Sexuality for Lesbians,” but it looks to me like anyone can use it.

14. How to do Sexual Meditation. Even eHow, the “dummies” instructional for the internet, can show you the way toward satisfying sexual meditation for one.

15. Sex and Meditation. If you need some guidance to get your qi flowing…

Movement Meditation

16. Basic Movement Meditation. Essentially, an easy Tai Chi how-to.

17. Dance Meditation for Adults. If you normally enjoy getting your (dance) groove on.

Extreme Meditation (in true western style)

18. Extreme Weight Loss Meditation and Mantra That Work. This one’s for weight loss…guess eating food is fulfilling your desire with something “simple.”

19. Meditation as Extreme Sport? For those into “slacklining with banda activation.”

20. Extreme Meditation. Taking the piss out of Zen.

And remember, the key is to realize you can actually bring meditation into everything, just by bringing awareness to well…whatever it is you are doing.

What are some other beginning meditation techniques that you have found helpful? Share your thoughts and resources below!

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