5 Places to Watch Free Travel Video Guides

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by Ian MacKenzie May 25, 2007
A few weeks ago, I asked if online travel guides were useful, or just too much information.

SOME READERS AGREED with me, believing an information overload can overshadow the experience.

Others thought online travel guides were useful depending on your situation, and it was unfair to lump all the sites together.

With that said, I figured I would highlight a few websites that provide free travel video guides.

GeoBeats – Short videos on international destinations that highlight history, culture, shopping, food, nightlife, lifestyle, and more. All videos are professionally produced, but thankfully lack a heavily commercial feel.

Zoom and Go – Slick interface and a fairly large selection of travel video clips and longer guides. Also pay for all accepted submissions, based on their own point system.

Traveler Videos – Comprehensive portal that aggregates a fair amount of travel content from a variety of other video websites. The design is a little clunky, but definitely worth poking around.

Youtube Travel – The mother of all video sharing websites shouldn’t be overlooked as as great place to find travel guides. Keep in mind, you may have to sift through the rough to find the gems.

Travelistic – Great interface and high-quality video. Travelistic has a growing database of informative travel content, along with exclusive series and their own show “The Map.”

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