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5 Reasons To Stay In A Timeshare

by G. Writer Dec 2, 2007

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One of the best parts about traveling is the opportunity to push your comfort zone.

You travel to discover new cultures and ideas, but, as you go, you’ll also unearth unknown aspects of yourself: things you didn’t know you were capable of (like stomaching that scorpion soup) or that you didn’t know you’d love (like the whip of brambles on your legs as you explore a verdant rainforest.)

The more you experience, the more you grow. One great way to expand your horizons is to travel with a timeshare.

Flexible Travel

Contrary to popular belief, timeshares won’t tie you down to one place for the rest of your life. With a little research, you’ll find that the opposite is true.

In fact, it’s thought that up to 80% of timeshare owners take advantage of the optimum flexibility that their vacation property offers by using it to travel all over the world.

Don’t be Intimidated

Timesharing is simple. Here’s how it works: when you buy timeshare what you’re essentially purchasing is…wait for it…time! As such, the nature of your vacation property dictates that it will be extremely flexible.

This time, generally one week annually or biennially, can be used again and again at a resort of your choice, or it can be traded within a larger network for a week anywhere in the world.

Find a Locale You Love

A timeshare might be the perfect way to ensure that you’ll be able to return again and again.

There are a couple of ways you can go about securing the perfect method for you. To do this, you’ll have to consider your vacation lifestyle, needs, desires and personality. Being an adventurous traveler doesn’t necessarily mean exploring the mountaintops and caves in every corner of the world.

Sometimes it takes just as much courage and morale to attempt to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of an oft-visited, yet distant culture from your own. So if you’ve found a destination that you’ve fallen in love with and want to get to know more intimately, a timeshare might be the perfect way to ensure that you’ll be able to return again and again.

Or Explore Every Corner of the World

You can still use this property to travel around the world by trading your week within an exchange company (make sure your timeshare is affiliated before you purchase), but it will be your home base: always ready for you when you’re ready to return. But what if your idea of adventure is a little more rebellious?

If you’re the kind of vacationer who likes to explore a new and exciting locale every year, you can still use timeshares to fulfill all of your enterprising vacation desires.

Go Anywhere With a Vacation Club

One of the most popular forms of timeshare for sale right now is the vacation club. These clubs offer membership that will afford owners an increment of time each year (if you choose annual usage).

But rather than being assigned to a specific destination, these memberships make available a broad range of resorts in destinations all over the world. With a vacation club, you can travel to the stunning limestone mountains of Yangshuo China, one year and the pristine coast of Fiji the next.

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