50 Inspirational Matador Travelers: 11-20

by Bailey Ash Sep 18, 2008
Matador is the world’s first interactive magazine for travel, lifestyle, and place.

Matador members believe they can change the world, and they’re out there doing it every day.

Sure, we publish the same sorts of articles you find in print publications, but these articles are just window-dressing. The editor in me cringes, but it’s true.

But no matter what we write, the most important part of Matador is the community. Whenever I need a little stoke, I browse Matador member profiles. I’m always awed by the sheer human optimism in this remarkable community.

Thank you so much for inspiring us.

Here are 10 incredible members of the Matador community. To meet the other 40 featured travelers, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.


Before I die I’d like to:
It would be excellent to travel from the source of the Magdalena River to the Coast over 10 days…or hitch a ride illegally on the coal train from Colombia’s interior to the mines in Guajira.
Ricardo_emp’s full profile

Evan Thoreau

About me:
I’m a wanderer with deep roots and long branches.I’m a writer with an eye for detail, an ear for great stories, and a pen that just won’t rest. I’m a fanatic for international soccer, the perfect Mojito, foggy sea views, and spring dawns.

I love people and surround them in my life. As the late, great Bob Nesta Marley said, “My life is people. Without the people I am nothing.”

Evan Thoreau’s full profile

Mei-Ling McNamara

Why I travel:
To push the limits of my own ideas of security, knowledge, understanding and awareness. To avoid the constraints of conditioning and to learn through doing. To live in this world and to make it my responsibility to expose myself to all of it: the joyful, tragic, shocking and sublime.

Mei-Ling NcNamara’s full profile

Jenny Williams

Former national soccer player turned UC Berkeley folklore groupie and songwriter; quit a job in book publishing to travel in the Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. I’m currently News Editor at Ethical Traveler and I also work as a freelance writer/developmental book editor/creative hack.

Jenny Williams full profile


I’m fired up on politics (particuarly the messy Middle Eastern kind), photography, and sitting around in cafes in the Arab world chatting.

DWB’s full profile


Why I travel:
in every way i just have to; the excitement the adventure the faces the smells the sounds as i fall asleep the airflights the views the unbelievably warming, swelling sensation in my stomach and the smile and joy that i cant suppress which bubbles up in laughter

Delacouri’s full profile


About me:
i contemplate the practicality of life vs. the spirit of change, hope, adventure and faith. It leaves me in a state of wonder…and wander.

I still am not sure if this nature of contemplation is a blessing or a curse….one thing for sure, it’s where my soul and mind meet.

Andie’s full profile


Why I travel:
Oh, a long and scrolling list that is reinvented every time I do…but in a phrase, to make transience stay.

Jackfruit’s full profile


I have an intense curiosity about the world, a skepticism about the portrayals of people I see in the media, and a yearning for adventure.

My real name is Kalil Cohen and I am currently in LA about to start a program at UCLA to get my master’s degree in education with a focus on social justice in urban education and bilingual (spanish) certification.

I like Matador because the site and people on it are interested in all the varied aspects of travel, not just where to go and how long to stay, but how to get to know local people and really experience another culture rather than traveling like a tourist.

Kalil’s full profile

Heidi Hillman

I am a bookslut, intrepid thinker and traveler, tree-hugging lover of nature, and tragicomic idealist with a penchant for Russian and Scandinavian films, Italian bicycles, independent bookshops, funky cafes, travel magazines and narratives, rivers, tall trees and tall men, dogwood and peonies, Mah Jongg, spoken Russian, rye bread and marmalade, artichokes, red wine, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Rilke, and Sufi poetry …

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