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Competitours Outpaces the 'Amazing Race'

by Christine DeSadeleer Feb 25, 2010
Get ready to take on Europe with a little something at stake.

With the winter Olympics in full swing in Vancouver (why is everyone so obsessed with curling, by the way?), it seems like a lot of people are feeling inspired to flex their own competitive-muscles.

I had a friend say she wished she was as good at any one thing as the athletes of the winter games are in their respective sports. Really, becoming good at something just takes time and practice.

For you travelers out there who want a chance to be, well, the best traveler – along with getting some sweet prizes at the end – here’s your chance.

It’s time for another round of the successful Competitours competition in Europe, based on the unstoppable show, The Amazing Race (yes, they are on Season 16).

Seventeen pairs of teams embark on a nine-day mystery itinerary with certain challenges to accomplish – yep, that means you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing until you’re in the middle of it – that winds its way through large cities, “under-the-radar cool spots,” and some pretty off-the-grid locales. All in all, you’ll hit four European countries.

What To Do?

Some of the themes include culinary samplings (definitely up my alley) and alpine roller coasters, labyrinths, and indoor skiing (up other people’s alley, like those ones who are into curling).

Each team chooses three to four challenges that they dig the most, and then can only use public transportation to get where they need to go. So leave that cab fare at home, cheaters.

Lucky for some of us (ahem), there are no auditions, and you won’t need a stunt double. The challenges are based more on the team’s savviness and ability to chat up locals more than anything else. Therefore, all ages are welcome.

With a sweet $9,000 worth of prizes, and documentation of the challenges via portable camera for the judges to evaluate and score, you’re bound to leave the trip with some great memories and some bling. Plus, you get together with the other teams at night to share stories about the day’s events over a beer or, you know, four.

For more information, check out the Competitours site.


Community Connection

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