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Crazy Airport Antics: Intoxicated Man Hands Out $83,000 at Mallorca

by Christine DeSadeleer Jul 17, 2009
Need a few extra dollars? Look for the drunk guy at the airport.

Man, I wish I was at the Mallorca airport when this happened.

Apparently, a man who had just inherited a large sum of money decided to get all liquored up before his flight.

The booze (and being a complete moron?) led him to hand out $83,000 to other people waiting at the airport.

Unfortunately, only about £2,000 of it was in cash – the rest was in British travelers checks. Those have to be signed by the person who bought them, though I’m guessing forgery is possible?

The benefactor was arrested by police, who was supposedly described as “smelly” and “looking like a tramp.” Fantastic.

What are some more, though decidedly not as beneficial for other people, crazy things that people do at the airport? Getting a Starbucks latte right before heading to security, and then holding up the line while finishing it.

Or how about being so involved in a last minute chair massage, they have to tear through airport to get to their flight, knocking a little old lady down in the process (true story)?

It seems that flying elsewhere has given some people license to be utterly ridiculous and impolite.

What the craziest thing you’ve seen while waiting for a flight? Share your thoughts below.

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