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New York's Fake Subway Advisory

by Christine DeSadeleer May 8, 2009
Disgruntled NY commuters strike back at the subway with fake advisories posted around the stations.

Here’s a little something fun for your Friday:

Even though this is a (fake) New York subway advisory, many people who have traveled the world over or live in a metropolitan area can relate (and yet New York’s Metro PA system certainly has it’s own specific flavor, doesn’t it? Garblegarblegarble).

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system costs an arm and a leg, stops at 1am just in time for the 2am clubbers to drive home across the Bay Bridge after they’ve been drinking all night, and only has six stops in the actual city of San Francisco.

The SF BART stops at 1am just in time for the 2am clubbers to drive home after they’ve been drinking all night – who thought that was a good idea?

But, it’s pretty clean on the whole, has air conditioning (though we rarely need it), and the BART people tend to be helpful.

My favorite train systems I’ve encountered so far have been the tube in London (although I know many people will not agree, and there is that whole soot-filled-snot thing that happens when you ride it too much) and the U-Bahn in Berlin. I don’t even speak German and I was able to figure that one out almost instantly.

And although this advisory makes some good points, gotta appreciate the fact that you can get ANYWHERE in New York pretty darn easily in a relatively inexpensive manner.

That is…If you can figure out what they’re mumbling to change trains halfway to your destination.

What are some of the ups and downs of different subway systems throughout the world? Share your thoughts below.

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