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Where to Do Your Best Thinking?

by Alex Andrei May 28, 2010
Do you have a favorite thinking spot? A place where, once you’re there, you take a deep breath and relax. A place where all the static that hums through your head begins to quiet down. Where time seems to slow a little, and you can sit quietly and just… think.

Note: I wrote about this previously, but decided it was an interesting enough topic to warrant spending more time on it.

Some of you know what I’m talking about and have such a place, others might still be looking for it.

For me personally, even though I’ve had the great fortune of visiting beautiful places around the world, I still find it challenging to do my best thinking anywhere other than my favorite spot.

Either a place is ‘too” beautiful that it distracts me, or it’s too dull to really inspire.

For me it’s a summer afternoon sitting on a bench by the Hudson River. Despite the people around, I can lose myself in the tranquil and hypnotic flow of the river. Watching the water ripple with the reflection of the sun and clouds. It’s pretty spectacular.

It’s my place, my temple, where I can sit in bewilderment at the wonder of existence.

I feel we each need a place like this. Where we can sit without any of the worry and noise of our lives, and just… be.

It’s not easy to give a checklist for finding the perfect spot. It can be different for each of us. But if you haven’t found yours, here are some ideas for finding your perfect spot:

1. Can You Get To It? – I know that beach in Maui might seem like the only spot, but if you have to spend more than 2 hours getting to it, it’s not likely you’ll be visiting often enough. You favorite spot has to be readily accessible, just in case you’re feeling spontaneous.

2. Can You Lose Yourself? – By this, I mean is it mesmerizing enough where you can think, but not get too distracted by the scenery?

3. Does it Have a Natural “White Noise?” – People walking past you is usually not bad, their sounds pretty much just blend together. But if there’s music, chances are it will distract you from your thoughts, so make sure it’s a place where you’re not likely to hear someone blaring Rhianna.

If you have a favorite spot, I’d love to hear about it.

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