5 Things You Can Do to Help Free the Hikers

by Julie Schwietert Feb 2, 2010

Sarah Shourd; Screenshot taken from “A Mother’s Plea”

Matador calls upon our community members and readers to help Free the Hikers.

On August 2, 2009, we reported that Matador contributor Sarah Shourd was one of three Americans detained by Iranian officials after accidentally crossing the Iraq-Iran border while hiking in the mountains.

Since that time, Shourd’s family and the families of the other two hikers have established a strong online presence intended to raise awareness about the hikers’ detention and to call for their release.

In this video, released on December 19, 2009, Shourd’s mother addressed Iran’s Supreme Leader, calling upon him to show mercy and release the hikers:

January 31 marked six months of detention. The anniversary was a solemn one, of course, and one that the families acknowledged by redoubling their efforts to free the hikers.

In this video, siblings of the three hikers call upon viewers to send video responses to Shourd and her companions:

In addition to submitting a video response, here are four other ways you can help free the hikers:

1. Sign the Free the Hikers petition.
2. Write your elected representatives and encourage them to get involved.
3. Write a blog post to raise awareness of the situation among your readers.
4. Follow FTH on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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