50 Inspirational Matador Travelers: 41-50

by Bailey Ash Sep 18, 2008
Matador is the world’s first interactive magazine for travel, lifestyle, and place.

Matador members believe they can change the world, and they’re out there doing it every day.

Sure, we publish the same sorts of articles you find in print publications, but these articles are just window-dressing. The editor in me cringes, but it’s true.

But no matter what we write, the most important part of Matador is the community. Whenever I need a little stoke, I browse Matador member profiles. I’m always awed by the sheer human optimism in this remarkable community.

Thank you so much for inspiring us.

Here are 10 incredible members of the Matador community. To meet the other 40 featured travelers, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.


Growing up in a two-stoplight Midwestern town, I had no idea how vast and interesting the world was.

In college, I did my best to make up for lost time, trekking to Norway to track down my great-grandparents’ village, studying abroad in Niger (where I apprenticed with a Tuareg silversmith and bought myself a pet donkey), trading my Spanish class for Zulu when I learned it would lead to a free summer in South Africa, building houses in Nicaragua, and so forth.

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I believe that the meaning of life is to acquire virtues. I think Travel makes that process a whole lot more interesting.

I travel solo, but not without help. I have a definite plan, but it keeps changing. I’m trying to follow my spirit by whatever means necessary.

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My birth name is Kalish, but my parents always called me Kalie. Koa is also a nickname I acquired after living in the wilderness for two months.

In June I moved out of my house in Santa Cruz for some free-spirited vagabonding. I did a lot of camping and even got to go horse camping in the High Sierras. On September first I moved into a house in Berkeley, and currently am making and selling delicious sorbets out of local, seasonal and organic produce from the farmer’s markets!

Something I have gained from the Matador community is the realization that there are many other people out there with the same interests and passions I have (i.e., TRAVELING, not just to be a tourist but to see.feel.hear the world, to experience other cultures, to learn experientially, to live creatively through photography, art, and to seek the joy, excitement and openness that traveling brings from stepping outside ones own mental and physical box… :)

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Good Farmer

I am traveling between the US and Asia – in the US I work with university researchers to develop simple, inexpensive, robust, and sustainable drinking water purification systems. In Asia (and also in Latin America through colleagues there) I implement and field-test systems serving rural communities with compromised drinking water sources.

I also co-facilitate programs in appropriate technology design with an agrarian community in Thailand that leads workshops and trainings in natural building and organic farming and seed saving for rural people from Thailand as well as Westerners interested in sustainable and self-reliant living.

Matador is an excellent networking tool, and a lot of the writing is top-notch.

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I have no idea where I will be next week. And the week after that. In the last year and a half I have lived and partied hard in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I traveled the infamous Ruta 40 down to Patagonia to see the remains of the glaciers that once were. I then headed through the salt flats and killing mines of Bolivia. Saw a sunset at Lake Titicaca.

A few days later I was on a five day hiking trip through the snow-peaked mountains and jungles of Peru. Saw the sun rise at Machu Picchu. I flew home to Georgia for a while in order to graduate from college and the next day took a flight down to Costa Rica for two months. Watched a volcano erupt. Realized this world is incredibly beautiful.

Now I’m back in the U.S. without a clue as to my next move. I don’t have goals that involve money or promotion. I really just hope for a future of love, happiness, and eventually babies. Call me a dreamer. I’ll take that.

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Hal Amen

My name is Hal. I’m a freelance writer, so ideally that means I’m traveling AND working all the time. English-language-learning texts pay the bills, but I’m currently slaving away on some personal projects as well.

My favorite thing about Matador is its supportive environment. As a newcomer to travel writing, I can’t emphasize how beneficial it’s been to receive the encouragement and constructive criticism that I have from the folks in charge–folks who obviously know what they’re talking about.

Whereas other online groups often dissolve from excessive cynicism, selfishness, and internal conflict, Matador has stayed positive. Quite the inspiration.

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sometimes I roll in hotels and sit on beaches with funny colored drinks, sometimes I go three days in a tent with nuts, dried fruit, protein powder, ramen, energy bars and bear spray.

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I like to go deep; to speak in vibration and blend without losing the stark silhouette of a stranger.

I want to make a difference by channeling the inspiration I get from others.

Before I die I’d like to see a spectrum of light cast by the moon.

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I want to make a difference by recording and sharing the good times & things, sad times & things, horrible times & things, and the wonderous times and tings via pictures so that we may remember to repeat the good; cherish, honour and learn from the sad and prevent the horrible..all in all to enjoy life to its fullest…



My real name is Judy Swiss. Swiss is my maiden name translated into English. Since I am a Swiss citizen, I’ll stick with it.

Interestingly enough, when I was new to the United States, people – especially guys – would call me Swiss Miss since I LOVE chocolate and am from Switzerland. They never realized that this was actually my name!

When I discovered Matador, I felt home – virtually home that is. I love reading about the travels other people do and one of my favorite things is to browse pictures. I think it lends a picture so much more when I know who the person is who snapped it.

It’s a special bonus when I learn about that person, his or her interests, the reasons he/she was in that country, and why that picture is special to him/her. It all is part of Matador. Matador brings the world to me when I am sitting alone in my home office at the computer and need a little shot of adventure!

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