On November 5th, thousands of Americans have pledged via Facebook to tell their banks to screw off.

WHILE NOT OFFICIALLY A PART OF Occupy Wall Street, this event could be essential to the overall movement. Protesting peacefully outside of a bank is one way to express your opinion and attempt to bring about change, but exercising your right as a consumer and simply taking your business away from said bank may be even more powerful.

Organizer Kristen Christian started Bank Transfer Day because she, like so many of us, was tired of the endless fee increases imposed by banks, not to mention how difficult they made it to actually access her money. She did a little research and discovered a few more infuriating facts:

Getting out of my bank and into a credit union is something I’ve been considering since well before the protests, but haven’t done out of sheer laziness. Not just because of the effort required to close one account and open another, but because credit unions are typically community based, and I move fairly frequently.

But this kind of apathy is exactly what banks will be counting on. For my part, I’ve decided that it’s time to go beyond talking about my discontent and actually do something about it, inconveniences be damned. I’m closing my bank account next month and switching to a credit union.

How about you? Do you think Bank Transfer Day will have any effect on the Occupy Wall Street movement?