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Check Out These Awesome Photos of Seattle "Kayaktivists" Fighting Shell

Seattle Travel
by Matt Hershberger May 18, 2015

WHEN SEATTLE PROTESTS A GIANT OIL CORPORATION, it does it the right way: with kayaks. Shell recently brought it’s giant oil drilling platform, the Polar Pioneer, into the port of Seattle, and environmentally-minded Seattlites were not pleased: Shell has a checkered history of drilling in the Arctic and, you know, is an oil company. Under the slogan #sHellNo, Seattle environmentalists rowed their kayaks out to the port in an act of what they’re referring to as “kayaktivism.” The pictures of the protest are awesome.

Seattle’s Mayor and City Council have also sided against Shell, and the sea lions are apparently protesting them as well. The protests, which have been mostly organized by the group sHellNo, have been nonviolent, and are geared at blocking Shell’s preparations for drilling in the Arctic.

Best of luck to the protesters in the Northwest. #YouShellNotPass.

h/t: Grist

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